YouTurn Adds Automatic Track Repeat Feature to Videos on YouTube


Having to click the play button repeatedly just to replay the YouTube videos you really like can be quite annoying. With YouTurn, you can now replay YouTube videos automatically. The process is simple, locate the grey colored circle within the address bar and click on it when you are viewing a video. Once you do this, the color of the circle will change to green, telling you that Automatic Repeat has been switched on. Automatic replay can be toggled off and on by clicking this button. The functionality of the extension is limited; however users who listen to music on YouTube will find this feature very useful.

After the extension has been installed, find the grey colored circle within the address bar and click on it to activate Auto replay. After doing this, you will observe that the color of the circle has changed to green, which is an indication that auto repeat has been turned on. All videos can now be automatically replayed. But if you enable it when you are watching videos from a playlist and the Autoplay option is activated, the feature will fail to work. If you want videos from a playlist to be repeated, You have to switch off the autoplay option. The button for doing that is located at the base of the video. Your videos can now replay automatically if the extension is enabled.

You will find YouTurn highly beneficial, if you do not like moving towards your computer to hit the repeat button each time the video/song finishes. Get the extension using the link provided below.

Download And Install YouTurn for Chrome

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