Sparrow – A Great Email App for iPhone


Sparrow, the well-liked email client for Macintosh, recently launched its email app for iPhone. Apart from having a similar appearance to the usual desktop client, this app has some helpful features, which includes swipe control, a contact register that organizes your contacts intelligently, plus one or two features that can easily be recognized by individuals who have used the Mac edition.

Sparrow’s desktop edition is arguably the finest email client running on Macintosh OS X and the design of the mobile edition is very much like that of the desktop edition. The greater part of the application is controlled using swipe gestures rather than push buttons, it is able to import images of your Facebook contacts, and it lists the contacts you frequently deal with at the upper part of a list rather than listing them in alphabetical order. This is definitely its most helpful feature. This email app for iPhone also has a similar threaded discussion view just like the desktop client, its search engine is superb and it has a fast sender switch, plus a mark everything as read button – something people that use iPhone have been demanding for ever since the phone was initially introduced.

The iPhone edition of Sparrow has two major problems that cannot be ignored. To start with, POP email account is not supported. You should not bother about getting Sparrow, if your email server uses POP. Sparrow works well with AOL, Yahoo, iCloud and Gmail. The second issue is that push notifications is not supported by Sparrow. What this means is that your email must be checked manually and there is no way of letting you know when you receive a new message. You need to take this big missing aspect into consideration before checking out the this email app for iPhone. It will cost you $2.99 to get Sparrow at the iTunes Application Store.

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