Sony VAIO DUO 11 Review

sony-vaio-duo-11-backThe new Sony VAIO Duo 11 is a slider laptop running Windows 8. The display slides over the keyboard to form a tablet.


Sony VAIO Duo 11 weights 2.87 pounds and it is 0.71 inches thick. This makes it lighter than slider laptops. Its design is a bit uncomfortable, as the base is bigger than the display. The sides feel uneven and jagged but the alloy body gives a nice and solid feel.

The hinges are quite solid but sliding the laptop into a tablet feels kind of wobbly. To switch back to laptop mode you would have to wedge your fingers between the base and the display to push the display back up.

On the left side you will find a VGA connecter, headphones jack and a full size SD card slot. On the right side you will find two 3.0 USB ports, a HDMI port and the power button. On the front end, above the display you will find a 2.4 megapixel camera and on the back side you will also find a 2.4 megapixel camera.

The slider display takes up third of the keyboard space thus making the keys a bit tiny but well spaced. Due to the space of the slider design, you won’t find a track pad here; instead all you get are left and right click buttons with a small optical pointing stick between the G, H and B keys. The buttons are quite responsive but as the other keys, they are very small.

An N-Trig digitizer stylus comes with Sony VAIO Duo 11; it is quite handy for selecting things on the screen and using programs. The stylus is pressure sensitive, so you can easily control your strokes. There are two build in button on the stylus that lets you select images or text and even erase them.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 has an 11.6 inches touch screen capacitive IPS display with 1920 x 1080 resolution and Gorilla Glass coating. The viewing angles are quite wide and the colors are well balanced. The sound output is quite slow and with max volume the quality is really bad.

Sony VAIO Duo 11 runs on a 1.7 GHz Core i5 3317 CPU with 6 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD and an integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU. It takes 10 seconds to fully boot up and it has smooth lag free performance. The battery of Sony VAIO Duo 11 will last for four hours and 50 minutes with nonstop video play back while having Wi-Fi enabled.


Just like any other Windows 8 device, the new Sony VAIO Duo 11 comes with some preloaded apps, which includes Hulu Plus, Stlacker Radio, Skype and Kaspersky Now. You will also find Xbox brand games like Pinball FX2 and Adrea. Sony has also added some of their own software to VAIO Duo 11 like the standard utilities, Play Memories for organizing and sharing photos, VAIO Care for system diagnostic and Art Rage Studio Pro.


To sum it all up, the new Sony VAIO Duo 11 is light weight laptop with good performance and a nice display but the keyboard is a bit cramped and the battery life is quite unimpressive.

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