Should I Buy A Refurbished Iphone

iphone_3gs_16gb_black_frontThe iPhone is one of the most amazing gadgets available in the electronic market. iPhones have revolutionized the mobile phone history. They are one of the leading mobile phones. With so much to offer to its users, the iPhone has everything a user can dream of. It is the best selling phone in the US. However, there are still a lot of people who cannot afford to buy the iPhone due to its hefty price. So it seems that a person, who really wants to buy an iPhone but can’t afford it, has only two options: 1. Buy iPhone 2. Let it go. However that’s not true. There is a third option as well to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone:

Refurbished iPhones are good enough to buy, but obviously they are not the same as the iPhones.  Keep the following points in mind before buying a refurbished iPhone:

  1. Battery: iPhones come with weak battery lives. Apple also doesn’t allow a user to replace the battery. If the refurbished iPhone you are getting has a battery older than a year, ask the retailer to replace the battery or think to drop the idea of buying the refurbished iPhone.
  2. Screen: If the screen of the iPhone contains a lot of scratches, ask your retailer to show another iPhone. Because iPhone completely works on touch screen strategy and an iPhone with a lot of scratches on the screen may start doing problems after a while.
  3. Capacity: Be sure to check the capacity of the iPhone before pulling out all of your savings. The iPhone may be of older model offering only 4GB and you may need more than this. Hence, it will become an obstacle in your fun and entertainment and you won’t be able to maintain as large itune library as you want.
  4. Features: Carefully check all the features that your refurbished iPhone is offering. You may lose an upgraded camera or the ability to record or edit video or anything else if you are not careful in checking the features. Don’t give your hard earned money for something you won’t like in the end.
  5. Price: The most important aspect to consider while buying a refurbished iPhone is the “price”. The refurbished iPhone may be $100 cheaper, but the question would be: is it worth it? If the iPhone has a battery older than a year and a screen with scratches, it is definitely not worth it.
  6. Warranty: If your refurbished iPhone is still on a warranty, buy it because it will help you a lot in recovering from interruptions, mishaps and accidental damages. Even if your phone is on an extended warranty, it’s not a problem. A phone that has once been repaired in the past may not be a problem in the future.
  7. Contract: The iPhones are on a two year contract when bought. Check out if your iPhone is still on a contract. If it’s not, how much will it cost you to get a new contract. The price may seem to be small, but be careful. It may add up to become larger than the price of the iPhone with time.

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