Best Android ePub Reader: Top Three

Did you know that you can use your android device to read e-books? There are many apps that let you read e-book. The epub format is the most common format in android e-readers. If you are a book lover then you should take a look at all the e-readers available and find the best android epub reader for your needs.

Why should I read e-books on my phone?

If you like reading books then you have probably faced situations where you wished you had a book with you but were unable to fulfill that wish because you did not bring any book with you. That’s why having an e-reader makes a lot of sense.

With an e-reader, you can carry your entire library in your pocket wherever you go and start reading whenever you feel like it! That’s why you should get the best android epub reader to make the most of your device’s book reading capabilities.


What are best android epub reader apps?

Some of the popular epub readers for android are; Aldiko, Moon+ Reader and Mantano Reader. All of these apps have their paid and free versions. Choosing the best android epub reader among these three can be difficult as they all have their pros and cons. Aldiko has an attractive interface but it has a clumsy in book control system. Mantano reader allows you to keep a detailed catalogue of all your e-books but it takes too long to load on older phones. Moon+ Reader is a very functional and good looking e-reader but there are no sync options.

So which one is the best android epub reader?

Of the three e-readers listed above, the best one is Moon+ Reader. It has a lot of customizable options and animations and countless other helpful features. It has a good catalogue system for e-books and compared to the other two, it is the best android epub reader.

Apps For Android Tablet

apps-for-android-tabletsYou got yourself an Android tablet and are looking for some classy apps. Here is a review of some of the best apps for android tablet.

Best apps for android tablet:

  • Plume:

One of the most famous social networking sites is Twitter but unfortunately, it is not a tablet friendly app.  The plume is a beautiful, highly customizable twitter client.  This app is the creation of the famous owners of the app Beautiful widgets.  The plume is one the best know twitter clients for android. It colorizes your timeline, supports multiple twitter accounts and has scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your homepage.

Here is a link to this app for android tablet:

  • Friendcaster:

It has been reported by some of the users that the app friendcaster, which is a Facebook app, is a much better tablet app than the official Facebook app, as it gives you real time Facebook notifications and includes all your most-used Facebook features like status updates, photos, messages, events, groups, check-ins and more. It is the only Facebook real time notification supporting app available on the Google Play. This immensely popular has over 300,00 downloads with tons of positive reviews.

Here is a link to this app for android tablet:

  • Movies by Flixter

Do want to stay updated with all the new movies, their trailers and reviews? This app for android tablet is the best for this purpose. It has all the local listening show times, trailers and reviews and all that for free. This app has been featured by Google Play in the Editor’s Choice app. With this amazing app, you are free to use any of these mentioned features:

ü  Stream and download movies

ü  Browse box office movies

ü  Browse upcoming movies

ü  Get critic reviews

ü  Create your own movie recommendation lists

ü  Manage your Netflix queue

ü  Watch high quality trailers

In case you have made your mind to get the services of this app for android tablet, here is a link to this app:

  • IMDb Movies:

Are you confused and can’t make up your mind that whether you should watch the movie or not? Do you want to see a movie of a particular actor? Are you not able to remember the actor of a particular movie? This app for android tablet has all the answers to all your questions. It has over 2 million movies and TV titles and has 4 million celebrities, directors and other crew member’s profiles.

Here is the link to download this app for android tablet:

  • CNN:

Receive all the breaking news direct on your tablet on the home screen through this app for android tablet.  This is a smart, sleeker and easy way to get updated with what is happening in the world. You get access to live video, breaking news and much more. You can even submit your own report through the app and it may get published over the channel

Here is a link to this wonderful and informative app for android tablet:

Some Of The Fun Android Apps

my_pandigital_novel_7_ereader_with_apps_installedSome of the apps are specifically designed for the sake of fun and entertainment for the user. The fun android apps are only for the happy android owners. This article sheds light on some of the best fun android apps and their links are also provided, in case a user is interested in installing and using an app.

Fun Android apps:

  • Funny Facts free 8000+:

This amazing and fun android app has the funniest and the craziest facts related to nature, human body, daily life, celebrates, science, world records and much more. A user gets access to more than 8000 free and fun facts to go through and make his leisure time fun and useful.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • FatBooth:

Do you want to know how you will or your friends look if you all got fat? This fun app fattens your face by adding a few pounds. This is a great way to surprise your friends through this fun android app.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Ringdroid:

The addictive and amazing app is a ringtone composing application which allows you to create your own ringtones by mixing, matching and adjusting different tunes. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface with a great set of features. This app is, no doubt, one of the most cool and fun android apps.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • RetroDefense:

This is an extremely addictive game available on the google play. It Is a simple game with great features and gameplay in which you have to protect your towers from the enemy.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Funny Jokes:

The thousands of funny jokes available on this fun Android apps let you add your own jokes and send the jokes to your friends via SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • The Moron Test:

Master the game to update your status from a moron to genius. Compare your scores with your friends and family to know who the real genius is. The simple puzzles are really something in them and will definitely give you the status of a genius.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Talking Tom Cat:

The hilarious Tom cat repeats whatever you say in his humorous voice and accent. This app is immensely popular with the children due to the voice and the gestures of the cat upon touch. This fun android app allows a user to record their voices through the cat and send them via text or email to their friends or share them on their Facebook or twitter account.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • LOL Pics:

The app is updated daily with lots of new funny and amusing pictures. You can share these pics, rate them, comment on them, send to your friends and even save them on your mobile. This fun android app is a really good time pass.

Here is the link to this fun android app:

Should I Buy A Refurbished Iphone

iphone_3gs_16gb_black_frontThe iPhone is one of the most amazing gadgets available in the electronic market. iPhones have revolutionized the mobile phone history. They are one of the leading mobile phones. With so much to offer to its users, the iPhone has everything a user can dream of. It is the best selling phone in the US. However, there are still a lot of people who cannot afford to buy the iPhone due to its hefty price. So it seems that a person, who really wants to buy an iPhone but can’t afford it, has only two options: 1. Buy iPhone 2. Let it go. However that’s not true. There is a third option as well to buy a refurbished iPhone.

Should I buy a refurbished iPhone:

Refurbished iPhones are good enough to buy, but obviously they are not the same as the iPhones.  Keep the following points in mind before buying a refurbished iPhone:

  1. Battery: iPhones come with weak battery lives. Apple also doesn’t allow a user to replace the battery. If the refurbished iPhone you are getting has a battery older than a year, ask the retailer to replace the battery or think to drop the idea of buying the refurbished iPhone.
  2. Screen: If the screen of the iPhone contains a lot of scratches, ask your retailer to show another iPhone. Because iPhone completely works on touch screen strategy and an iPhone with a lot of scratches on the screen may start doing problems after a while.
  3. Capacity: Be sure to check the capacity of the iPhone before pulling out all of your savings. The iPhone may be of older model offering only 4GB and you may need more than this. Hence, it will become an obstacle in your fun and entertainment and you won’t be able to maintain as large itune library as you want.
  4. Features: Carefully check all the features that your refurbished iPhone is offering. You may lose an upgraded camera or the ability to record or edit video or anything else if you are not careful in checking the features. Don’t give your hard earned money for something you won’t like in the end.
  5. Price: The most important aspect to consider while buying a refurbished iPhone is the “price”. The refurbished iPhone may be $100 cheaper, but the question would be: is it worth it? If the iPhone has a battery older than a year and a screen with scratches, it is definitely not worth it.
  6. Warranty: If your refurbished iPhone is still on a warranty, buy it because it will help you a lot in recovering from interruptions, mishaps and accidental damages. Even if your phone is on an extended warranty, it’s not a problem. A phone that has once been repaired in the past may not be a problem in the future.
  7. Contract: The iPhones are on a two year contract when bought. Check out if your iPhone is still on a contract. If it’s not, how much will it cost you to get a new contract. The price may seem to be small, but be careful. It may add up to become larger than the price of the iPhone with time.

Recycling Your Old Mobile Phone

mobile_phones_old_and_newWith new mobile phones coming on the market at a rapid rate, and with each new generation of phone beating the previous one by leaps and bounds in terms of performance, the fact that the latest contract phones are being handed out either for free or at least for a fraction of their real prices along with a number of new and innovative phone deals that have become available, it is hardly surprising that mobile phones have short lifetimes. So what happens to them when we no longer need them? Southampton University recently looked into the relationship between its students and their mobile phones, and this is what they discovered.

The lifecycle of mobile phones is surprisingly short, even given all of the above. Many phone users consider their phone to be obsolete within around a year of acquiring it. This is despite the fact that the phone is working perfectly well. Not only are these once-loved phones entirely reusable, they are also valuable in terms of the materials they are made of and many of their components. Taking into consideration the size and weight of the discarded phone and its intrinsic value, phones are the most valuable of all items that end up in waste disposal in large quantities.

The study next considered the number of students worldwide and the number of times that they replace their phones between joining a university and graduating. Just looking at the US, the UK and the rest of Europe there are nearly 40 million students and they replace their phones on average 3 times before they graduate; that is a lot of phones.

Five universities in the UK were selected for a detailed study into what happened to these phones that were no longer required. The study began by examining the reasons why students changed their phones so often and came up with a number of them. The major ones stated were: to replace a phone that had stopped working; upgrading the phone through the network provider; staying in fashion; finding a phone with a better battery life than the old one. Male students changed their phones more frequently than females.

Although around 40% of the discarded phones are returned for reuse or recycled, the remainder are kept by the students as a backup or additional phone which is rarely used. This stockpile of mainly unused phones is huge: around 62 million phones in the UK, US and rest of Europe. Although most mobile phone suppliers operate a take back service, very few students were aware of it and of those who were very few used it.

Even students who were quite happy to recycle paper, glass and other materials seemed quite oblivious to the environmental and economic benefits of recycling their phones. However students were incentivised to participate in phone take back services when a monetary award or voucher was offered for doing so.

So how many phones do you have lying in the back of a draw? Developing countries are crying out for them and, even if they no longer work, they are packed full of recyclable materials many of which might soon be in short supply, so do your duty: recycle your phone.