Best Android ePub Reader: Top Three

Did you know that you can use your android device to read e-books? There are many apps that let you read e-book. The epub format is the most common format in android e-readers. If you are a book lover then you should take a look at all the e-readers available and find the best android epub reader for your needs.

Why should I read e-books on my phone?

If you like reading books then you have probably faced situations where you wished you had a book with you but were unable to fulfill that wish because you did not bring any book with you. That’s why having an e-reader makes a lot of sense.

With an e-reader, you can carry your entire library in your pocket wherever you go and start reading whenever you feel like it! That’s why you should get the best android epub reader to make the most of your device’s book reading capabilities.


What are best android epub reader apps?

Some of the popular epub readers for android are; Aldiko, Moon+ Reader and Mantano Reader. All of these apps have their paid and free versions. Choosing the best android epub reader among these three can be difficult as they all have their pros and cons. Aldiko has an attractive interface but it has a clumsy in book control system. Mantano reader allows you to keep a detailed catalogue of all your e-books but it takes too long to load on older phones. Moon+ Reader is a very functional and good looking e-reader but there are no sync options.

So which one is the best android epub reader?

Of the three e-readers listed above, the best one is Moon+ Reader. It has a lot of customizable options and animations and countless other helpful features. It has a good catalogue system for e-books and compared to the other two, it is the best android epub reader.

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