Apps For Android Tablet

apps-for-android-tabletsYou got yourself an Android tablet and are looking for some classy apps. Here is a review of some of the best apps for android tablet.

Best apps for android tablet:

  • Plume:

One of the most famous social networking sites is Twitter but unfortunately, it is not a tablet friendly app.  The plume is a beautiful, highly customizable twitter client.  This app is the creation of the famous owners of the app Beautiful widgets.  The plume is one the best know twitter clients for android. It colorizes your timeline, supports multiple twitter accounts and has scrollable widgets to display your twitter timeline on your homepage.

Here is a link to this app for android tablet:

  • Friendcaster:

It has been reported by some of the users that the app friendcaster, which is a Facebook app, is a much better tablet app than the official Facebook app, as it gives you real time Facebook notifications and includes all your most-used Facebook features like status updates, photos, messages, events, groups, check-ins and more. It is the only Facebook real time notification supporting app available on the Google Play. This immensely popular has over 300,00 downloads with tons of positive reviews.

Here is a link to this app for android tablet:

  • Movies by Flixter

Do want to stay updated with all the new movies, their trailers and reviews? This app for android tablet is the best for this purpose. It has all the local listening show times, trailers and reviews and all that for free. This app has been featured by Google Play in the Editor’s Choice app. With this amazing app, you are free to use any of these mentioned features:

ü  Stream and download movies

ü  Browse box office movies

ü  Browse upcoming movies

ü  Get critic reviews

ü  Create your own movie recommendation lists

ü  Manage your Netflix queue

ü  Watch high quality trailers

In case you have made your mind to get the services of this app for android tablet, here is a link to this app:

  • IMDb Movies:

Are you confused and can’t make up your mind that whether you should watch the movie or not? Do you want to see a movie of a particular actor? Are you not able to remember the actor of a particular movie? This app for android tablet has all the answers to all your questions. It has over 2 million movies and TV titles and has 4 million celebrities, directors and other crew member’s profiles.

Here is the link to download this app for android tablet:

  • CNN:

Receive all the breaking news direct on your tablet on the home screen through this app for android tablet.  This is a smart, sleeker and easy way to get updated with what is happening in the world. You get access to live video, breaking news and much more. You can even submit your own report through the app and it may get published over the channel

Here is a link to this wonderful and informative app for android tablet:

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