Some Of The Fun Android Apps

my_pandigital_novel_7_ereader_with_apps_installedSome of the apps are specifically designed for the sake of fun and entertainment for the user. The fun android apps are only for the happy android owners. This article sheds light on some of the best fun android apps and their links are also provided, in case a user is interested in installing and using an app.

Fun Android apps:

  • Funny Facts free 8000+:

This amazing and fun android app has the funniest and the craziest facts related to nature, human body, daily life, celebrates, science, world records and much more. A user gets access to more than 8000 free and fun facts to go through and make his leisure time fun and useful.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • FatBooth:

Do you want to know how you will or your friends look if you all got fat? This fun app fattens your face by adding a few pounds. This is a great way to surprise your friends through this fun android app.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Ringdroid:

The addictive and amazing app is a ringtone composing application which allows you to create your own ringtones by mixing, matching and adjusting different tunes. The app has a simple and easy-to-use interface with a great set of features. This app is, no doubt, one of the most cool and fun android apps.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • RetroDefense:

This is an extremely addictive game available on the google play. It Is a simple game with great features and gameplay in which you have to protect your towers from the enemy.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Funny Jokes:

The thousands of funny jokes available on this fun Android apps let you add your own jokes and send the jokes to your friends via SMS, Twitter or Facebook.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • The Moron Test:

Master the game to update your status from a moron to genius. Compare your scores with your friends and family to know who the real genius is. The simple puzzles are really something in them and will definitely give you the status of a genius.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • Talking Tom Cat:

The hilarious Tom cat repeats whatever you say in his humorous voice and accent. This app is immensely popular with the children due to the voice and the gestures of the cat upon touch. This fun android app allows a user to record their voices through the cat and send them via text or email to their friends or share them on their Facebook or twitter account.

Here is the link to this fun android app:


  • LOL Pics:

The app is updated daily with lots of new funny and amusing pictures. You can share these pics, rate them, comment on them, send to your friends and even save them on your mobile. This fun android app is a really good time pass.

Here is the link to this fun android app:

Some Of The Best New Android Apps

my_htc_desire__apps_i_useAndroid becomes the largest development platform in 2010. Android devices are gradually moving towards the position of the most leading electronic gadgets. Compared to iPhone App market, Google play has a lot more apps to offer to its user. A lot of apps are published weekly in the Android app market. These android apps are rated on the basis of popularity, functionality and usage. Some of the best new Android apps are mentioned below.

Best new Android apps:

  • Photo Locker:

The app is the creation of Handy apps who have already developed popular apps like Tasks n Todos and EasyMoney etc. This app has been rated among the best new Android apps due to its distinct and amazing features. This particular app allows a user to lock any photos they don’t want anyone to see. To access the photo, a pin code is required. The app has a wonderful feature of hiding itself from the recent apps menu. It can also hide bulk photos or a whole folder. The app is totally free and on paying $2.99, you can get rid of the promotional ads.

Here is the link to this one of the best new Android apps:

  • Word Lens:

This wonderful app can translate words that it sees through the device camera.  It is really fast and quickly updates the image live. However, the precision rate of nothing can be perfect, and so it does not work on all fonts. The amazing app translates the words and then converts the words in your languages. At present, it has three options to offer to its users:

  • English and Spanish
  • English and French
  • English and Italian

Here is the link to this one of the best new Android apps:

  • Switcher:

This app has been categorized among the best new Android apps as it revolutionizes the way you use your phone. The app lets you rapidly switch between different apps through different gestures. This app was specifically designed for those who wanted a solution to their problem. The problem was the clumsy traditional way of switching apps. In this innovative app, the upper region of the screen is confined for the app. Swiping an app in this region adds the app to the virtual list. Swiping out removes the app. Swiping right and left lets you switch between the apps. The app is a perfect one and once a user tries it, he won’t think of leaving or switching it.

Here is the link to this one of the best new Android apps:

  • Tasker App Factory:

This best new Android app lets the user create his own apps for fun and money. This app has the following features:

  • An app can be developed using the Tasker App factory in less than 10 minutes
  • No Programming is required
  • No Internet Connection is required
  • Tasker App Factory is not required once the app is made
  • The App can be distributed and sold on Google play

Here is the link to this one of the best new Android apps: